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Velvet Rose And Oud

An enchanting Oriental scent, our Velvet Rose And Oud Fragrance oozes seduction. Picture it now, it's sunset, you're sitting by the Arabian sea enjoying tea and sweets surrounded by the smell of sweet florals and smokey oud.


  • Net: ∼100ml
  • Fragrance lasts up to 12 weeks or more
  • Fragranced using our exclusive luxury fragrance oil
  • Reed Diffuser comes with 8x black reed sticks
  • Bottle can be resealed easily to transport if required
  • Produced using environmentally friendly and sustainable ingredients
  • All supplies are UK based to reduce our carbon footprint

Top Notes:

  • Taif Rose, Peony

Heart Notes:

  • Clove, Amber, Nutty, Milk

Base Notes:

  • Vanilla, Praline, Agarwood


  • Do not place your reed diffuser near a window or next to a radiator. In these places, the direct sunlight and / or heat will make your diffuser oil evaporate much faster, which will mean that your reed diffuser does not fill your home with mood-boosting fragrances for as long.
  • Consider the room where you would like to place your reed diffuser. For very large open plan rooms, you may need to use two smaller 100ml diffusers (with the same scent), in order to fill the space with the fragrance. Our reed diffusers have been designed tested for use in medium to large rooms in an average size house.
  • Plan your reed diffuser placement within the room. Place your reed diffuser at a low to medium height, on a table or sideboard so that you can enjoy the fragrance as it is released into the room. It is also beneficial to place your reed diffuser in an area that you frequently pass as the movement in the air will help the scent to fill the room and throw the fragrance.


  • Liquid is flammable, do not attempt to light the reeds or heat the product
  • Keep away from pets and children
  • Wash hands thoroughly after coming into contact with the oil
  • Refresh the reeds every 3 to 4 days by flipping them over

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