Supplier Code Of Conduct

Here at Maples Candles, we carry out our business in a fair, honest and transparent way. This means that - in everything we do - we work to the highest standards of business conduct and avoid any behaviour that might break of the law anywhere that we do business.

We choose the Suppliers we work with because we think that they share the same high business standards as we do and just to be sure, we ask them to stick to this Code of Conduct.

In case you were wondering, when we talk about “Suppliers “ we mean anybody who supplies goods or services to Maples Candles.

We also mean anyone who works for the Supplier or any other Company they use to help provide goods or services to Maples Candles and it’s the up to the Supplier to make sure they know about everything in this Code.

Exploitation And forced labour

We want to make sure that there is no risk of any kind of exploitation or forced labour in our supply chain. What this means for us is:

  • None of the people who work for our suppliers are forced, in any way, to work for them and they are free to end their employment, giving a reasonable amount notice, without any come back.
  • Our Suppliers will not take on anyone if their travel to or from another country has been arranged specifically so that they can be exploited.
  • We will not have anything to do with suppliers who take on people who are under the minimum age of employment in the relevant country or, if there isn’t one, under the age of 15.
  • Our Suppliers will not charge people a fee of any kind in connection with their recruitment or ask people to pay a deposit as a condition of being offered work.
  • Our Suppliers will not confiscate or withhold identity papers or valuable items for people the people who work for them so that the person can’t move on.
  • Our Suppliers always give their people written details of their employment or engagement so they understand and are clear on what’s what.
  • There is no harsh or inhumane treatment of any kind in our Suppliers’ workplaces.
  • Our Suppliers don't have disciplinary policies that include overly harsh or inhumane disciplinary measures.e.g. the use or threat of physical or sexual violence, harassment, intimidation, verbal abuse or sanctions.
  • All the people who work for our Suppliers are treated fairly and equally regardless of their nationality, colour, religion, age, sex, gender, sexual preference, gender identity, disability or any other classification.
  • All the people who work for our Suppliers are paid at least the minimum wage and benefits required by local laws. They will also make the proper pay deductions from the people who work for them, in line with the local laws.
  • None of the people who work for our suppliers will be forced to work over the number of hours allowed by local law.
  • None of our suppliers unreasonably stop their people from leaving.